2022: Week 2- Creative Goals

jon desjardins
2 min readJan 10, 2022

We’ve already gone through the first week of 2022! Noice. Somehow it feels like a whole, other year has passed. A nasty, random, stomach bug is making the rounds, urging everyone, yet again to take things easy, slow down, and relish in some sweet, tender, cozy, self-care.

On that note, my family and I rented Sing 2. ’Tis more enjoyable than the first, which sorta just felt like a cute but haphazardly plotted soundtrack with a lot of croony songs and malevolent undertones (mostly due to Seth McFarlane’s character). Sing 2 pushes the gang to new heights without the heaviness. In the first movie, everyone was getting their act together, hurting to be heard. In Sing 2, the pressure comes in the form of proof, proof of self and staying power. They go to “Las Vegas” to prove their talent outside of their town. Of course, we know they have it, and we get to experience the silliness of them overcoming such obstacles without it being a horrifying experience. Okay, there are two unnecessarily dark scenes with the koala but, outside of those, the second movie shows wish fulfillment at its best; providing challenges that are difficult yet everyone has the talent and perseverance to overcome and do so, in splendid yet real ways.

Who cares and what does that have to do with creative goals? Well… for one, let’s talk about stakes. The only stake in Sing 2 is getting more, more attention, greater stardom. If the group failed, they could easily go back to their theatre and continue their success as local celebrities. When being creative, it’s easy to forget where we started and how being creative really makes ourselves, let alone others, feel. Holding onto that feeling of enjoyment and spreading it, sharing it through our craft, makes us celebrities; our work, a celebration. Pushing ourselves by testing our limits, showing up and showing off, only makes us grow and want more from ourselves and what we do. The more we hide or hold onto our art, or expect rather than ask for more from our work, the greater the chance for disappointment. …Perhaps this sentiment can help inform your goals.

I’m going to start putting asks on what my creative goals instead of expectations, and I’m going to push to share my work more than I have before. Does this mean giving away everything for free? No. At least, not everything. It means submitting and sharing work, including in new and varied ways. What are those? Um… I’m still figuring those out #goals.

Have a wonderful, healthy, creative week. Mine will be filled exploring these ideas, continue creating, and asking for more. My main goal: figuring out a daily deliverable Mon-Fri that feels both enjoyable and sustainable and start delivering next week.

Originally published at http://lifeinthejon.wordpress.com on January 10, 2022.