2022: Week 4 — Those To Do Lists

jon desjardins
2 min readJan 24, 2022

I’m going back to making weekly to do lists! If things have been holding ye back, mayhap its time for you as well. It’s probably best to start small… unlike this mess that runs on and on (not-shown: everything else, plus extra things). I recommend working with one piece of paper and breaking things down into 3–4 categories: dailies or semi-daily tasks, a general list of things you want to *accomplish for the week, marking days that you kinda have planned out for them, then a broad schedule of the week just to keep track of where all other tasks will have to fit around, and then a reminders list of things that you don’t necessarily want to work on but know you’d like to have some space to think about or prepare for, such as things to bring into therapy (a soft, lavender-scented weeping pillow, fixed, glassy-eyed stares, etc.), near-future events (reliable concert dates, the next outdoorsy, hot cocoa gathering, a pet séance, etc.), some fun non-doomy stuff just to think about and be mindful of, or whatever.

When I first started doing these weekly lists, I thought it’d be fun to make them colorful and fun and would spend hours working on them, drawing doodles here and there, which eventually made me feel dread putting them together. So, yes, add color, that’ll help make things fun but… unless you have the time and inclination, your to do list shouldn’t be a project of its own.

Also, take a picture of it on your phone for reference or put the list in a specific, highly visible place. Like right on the TV. Or on your fridge, but only if it isn’t cluttered with cool things like magnet poetry or drawings of random horses you’ve seen on the street. Don’t look at me, it happens, I’m not judging.

*- Go ahead, write down never needing to make lists again, I dare you

Originally published at http://lifeinthejon.wordpress.com on January 24, 2022.