2022: Week 6 — Progress and Patience

jon desjardins
5 min readJan 31, 2022

There’s a fine line of when to take a breath and when to move forward. We live in a continual state of motion and we live with an ever-expanding need for content, regardless if we’re producing or consuming. At the same time, the monetary and… I’d argue even intellectual value for such things is plummeting, because… well, we’re starting to figure out that we all have the innate ability to entertain. Make no mistake, this world is full of entertainment. If everyone stopped creating, we’d never run out of things to be entertained by. Also, obviously, these things are becoming cheaper and less difficult to produce, and can now reach a global audience.

*That doesn’t mean ideas aren’t worth pursuing, whether it involves money or not, it’s just a frame of reference.

But, when do you take a breath? When do you take your finger off the pulsing beat? Don’t we need to be on at all times of the day? Well… yes and no. A channel can plink into darkness with the blink of an eye if it posts too little, too slow. Yet, even so, few have the heat, the passion, the ever-burning flame to endure and keep their fame.

The motivating factor for most, under the umbrella of entertainment, can be summed up to at least one of these concepts: wealth, comfort, and power. Truthfully, they’re all the same. Comfort is power: to be pleased where you are will help avoid the need for constant wealth. As for wealth, very few things cost as much as they do, prices arbitrarily go up more often than not, to maintain this illusion. There are plenty of materials as there are plenty of fans as there is plenty of food as we live in a world full of plentiful lands, though it isn’t marketed as such. The question is: what is enough for you?

When you’ve figured that out, I’d suggest taking a break before you get there. All you need to do is give notice and the care will be there. I get it, sometimes, things move so fast that you don’t realize that you’ve “had enough.” Stop then, not for all time. There are no dead ends. Remember, we live in a rich world, full of resources. There is only abundance.

As such, there is always something waiting, something coming. There is always a next. Sometimes, turns are taken: opportunities are given as opportunities are taken. We consume as we produce, we produce as we consume, ad infinitum.

My advice when feeling overwhelmed and needing to stop on a catastrophic level: