An SNL Dream

jon desjardins
2 min readAug 2, 2021

I had an SNL dream. These happen once or twice a year, where I dream of having something to do with the becoming part of the show, usually auditioning and failing but learning something through it (one time I made it!) This time I had made it! I was a writer, it was the end of the year and I was at a close cast and crew awards/togetherness ceremony. It was at some university that should’ve had a better place for us to do the ceremony but the site was chosen with an ironic sense of humor and to keep us at our roots.

From what I figure, I didn’t get much in but contributed as much as I could, how I could, but was feeling a little down and othered about it, that I’d try harder obviously, if I had another year. At the end people were calling out their mvps, three to a person. But it was one of those awkward moments where you can’t leave so you’re trying to keep things together while still trying to be present. One of the more popular cast members (I’d say who, but hey, it’s subjective, right? Imagine your favorite) mentioned my name. And then others! My name came up with people I had no idea would, humbling me, of course, with the utmost graciousness.

From this I took away that, lately I’ve been working on things but have felt that I’ve been slacking, possibly from a lack of faith, but now feel a refreshed, been given a renewed boost to push on and dream further along such lines. Hey, sometimes all it takes is a dream, right?

Originally published at on August 2, 2021.