Creative Processing End of Year

jon desjardins
2 min readDec 29, 2021

Another chapter of our world’s world ends at a good place (The Good Place? Hopefully not!). A year ending on a Friday sounds nice. It has this idea of casualness. If it were a normal week, most of us would still have to work (though many still do, those poor, lovely souls), but at least we’d know, if we’re working at a conventional job, that the weekend would be ours! Away and reveling in boundlessness! Or, with at least one less restriction on our sweet, sweet time. Ending the year on a Friday? We can feel the exhilaration of leaving a place, that, let’s face it, we spend too much of our time at, and feel the bliss of the celebration coming in just a few hours, we can feel the bliss of knowing we have a full weekend to recover from, however we celebrated! We’re leading ourselves into a new year full of play, choice, and rest. What’s best, is that we know the ending of the coming year’s chapter. In 2022, we start on the weekend and end in the weekend. The pros often call this, “a double win.” It’s exciting and could bear fruit in a number of ways, like coniferous trees randomly starting to bare fruit… or something more probable like better entertainment, sharing wondrous messages of hope, resilience, and goodwill towards all animals, creatures, and stuff and things!

Now, thoughts lead to what other day would be a great day to end the year, and which others would choose with such care… Ideas?

Now, thoughts lead to the past, what has been achieved. So much, new president, new timeline, new lives, new diseases, new antidotes, new war, new peace, new writings, paintings, games, art, new archives full of such things, new ways to create even more! New love, new babies, new pains, breakdowns, chores, plus *entrance and exit exams galore!

Any which was, happy new year! May it come with much more ideas and newness! And appreciations for the old and growing.

*Isn’t life but a series of entrances and exits? Each examined from one point to another, over and over?

Originally published at on December 29, 2021.