Goals for this week: Dec. 20–26

jon desjardins
2 min readDec 20, 2021

First, I hope you and yours are planned and will go well. ’Tis a holiday at the end of the week which means there are people running to and from just about everything. How can anyone get anything done with such feelings? And, is doing so healthy? Unfortunately, what choice do most of us have? I always take this understanding to be as chill and as *greatful as I can. Admittedly, at times, that isn’t much. Altogether, please take care.

Though I’ve time off so does my daughter. While she does her own thing, I’ll be in a constant state of anxiety, unsure of how much focus to put into anything knowing there will be frequent interruptions that’ll throw off whatever I’m doing… unless, that is, we’re just having fun and hanging out together. So my list for doing for the next two weeks will be short and sweet. This week’s list:

  • Draw a comic
  • Write a couple pages of my book
  • Get my family photo yearbook up to date
  • Continue reading a friend’s book of poetry
  • Begin a book about adhd for myself and my daughter
  • Do last minute Christmas things
  • Finish my 12 days of Halloween before Christmas series on Instagram.

There’s probably some other things but… this is as good a list at the moment. Who doesn’t like surprises? Please send good vibes as my thoughts of your success are on mine. Take care and have a wonderful holiday / winter break.

*-I will always spell greatful this way.

Originally published at http://lifeinthejon.wordpress.com on December 20, 2021.