Make Memories Last with a Photo Yearbook

jon desjardins
3 min readJan 26, 2022

Let’s face it, most of us have hundreds of not thousands of photos on our phone. And, most of the time, that’s where they’ll remain until more storage space is required and we unceremoniously delete the least precious of them (baby’s first dump, etc.).

While you may still wish to hold onto them, I strongly recommend going to a site like Shutterfly and creating a family photo yearbook.

You can shove all of your pics on these sites, freeing space for new pics. You can also share the pics through the site without creating a photo book, if inclined.

But why a book?

Well, sometimes it’s nice to hold something non-electrical in your hand. You can add text and such but mostly, it’ll be about the images. So, no heavy reading. Nice. Also, these are great conversation pieces and make nice gifts for the family members that can’t make most of your events, either because of a good reason or because you’ve effectively banned them from in-person visits (well done!).

I’ve been doing one since my daughter was born. Once the new one comes we spend a little while going over old ones and then pour into the new one, sharing thoughts and memories.

While you can just add the pictures, separating by day, week, month, event, you can also make pages that cover different interests and things that happened during the year. Below are some page ideas for a photo yearbook.

  • Good food places/pics: whether you made a bunch of recipes together or went to an impressive place, you might even be able to recall the taste. Or at least, share the recipe with some images. In fact, you could even make your own cookbook this way… though there may be cheaper options.
  • Favorite tv, book, video game, or music album: each of your family has read, played, watched, or heard. Including those that or you share with your children. Things that are easily forgettable, yet are cool and impactful in the moment.
  • Specific things you, individually or together have enjoyed: a fancy blanket, a particular piece of art, a new car.
  • Life in motion pages: sometimes I like to take 3 or so pictures almost in succession to capture a sense of motion, feeling, being; sometimes they can even tell a story.
  • Art photo pages: let’s face it, in today’s age, we’re all novice photographers. You probably have a few photos of a sunset, a composed…