Rise Eterna (Game Review)

jon desjardins
4 min readJan 9, 2022

Looking for a leisure SRPG (strategy role-playing game)? Well, well, well… this gem might fit that need; let’s discuss! Please note: this is spoiler-free, in that the spoilers are free and not directly related to the story.

First: Rise Eterna isn’t of Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea, or Final Fantasy Tactics caliber, nor does it share most of their game features such as terrain stat modifiers, multi-leveled, extensive, over-sloggy battle arenas, character perma-deaths, 40+hours of gameplay, complicated leveling systems, or lengthy, oft-trite or facetious dialogue-huzzah!

What the heck does this game have then, Jon? Well… um… it has ease. Yes! Rise Eterna isn’t a challenging game, and it doesn’t make itself out to be one.

There is no character leveling. Stats can only be increased or decreased through three methods: finding/crafting items, upgrading a very basic, unique skill system for each character, and equipping stat-enhancing gems. These three systems work so well together that grinding isn’t necessary and keeps the game moving forward, respecting player time. Every stage has randomized loot that gives gems and items, these can be played over and over, without an increased difficulty, which makes it easy to collect enough to turn characters into killing machines. Most stages only allow 6 of the 14 recruitable characters to be on the field. Once victorious, those characters receive a single skill point that can be used towards their unique skill paths. Only one point is awarded per stage, no matter how many times it’s revisited. Sticking to favorite characters will make this game a breeze.

There are no real gameplay surprises. There are no troop reinforcements. There is no time limit or reward for finishing early. There is no insanely beefed person that’s just hanging around, waiting to explode heads and mace some faces. There are also no creatures, this all mortal combat. Also, the enemies don’t chase characters unless they’re a few steps away, that’s right, it’s olden times where the villains are lazy or just like to take some sweet, snack breaks while on the job. Noice. To be fair, there are traps hidden throughout stages (poison piles, spikey spikes, etc.) that do cause significant damage; however, they’re few and far between to really have an effect. Side note: because there isn’t any…